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The Integrator

Master of the conceptual framework, defender of Kuyperian perfection. Let no man conquer the power of the Integrator!

THE INTEGRATOR RETURNS:  "Will all the athletes, musicians, and superheroes please stand to be recognized?"

One day the Dutch Giant and the British Intellectual were strolling through the Campus Community discussing the Many/One Ontological significance of the already-not-yet nature of the exponentially expanding Education Department faculty, when the British Intellectual spied a problem...

British Intellectual:  "My dear American freshperson, you are moving as slowly as Ashe Center construction.  Is something wrong"?

Freshperson:  "My Freshperson core classes have me down.  I'm feeling so low I'm not wearing my thick make-up and skin-tight Abercrombie and Fitch outfit like all the other female freshpersons.  I just can't get my conceptual framework in the right modal sphere.  I've lost my Self in Community in Postmodern Society!  I'll need help of heroic proportions to integrate my faith and learning."

Dutch Giant:  "Have you taken my preparation for marriage class yet?"  Student named Green:  "You know, imparters of higher Calvinistic learning, freshpersons aren't the only ones with trouble.  We upperclasspersons know that a proper Reformed World and Lifeview is as elusive as a parking space on campus.  It seems that there is something missing this semester.  It seems that there was some guidance, some glimmer of hope two semesters ago.  Where did all the good integration go?"

Bald student with goatee:  "Oh no!  Some freshperson's conceptual framework has gone awry and...he's trying to jump off the Worship-Chapel-Assembly-Arts building"!  Others:  "No!  It's a bird"!  "No, it's something better.  It's something Kyper-normative"!  "It's THE INTEGRATOR"!  The Integrator:  "Behold, it is I!  Your Reformed Cognitive Grid has interpreted the phenomenological data correctly.  The Integrator has returned"!  British Intellectual:  "And he is using the proper Queen's English pronunciation"!

Integrator:  "Did you miss me Covenant Community?  I was on Sabbatical last semester.  I studied all the extra-Biblically inspired revelation of Dutch Neo-Calvinists, and visited several OPC Utopias, doubling my powers redeeming them to their pre-fall state.  May the enemies of the Normative, Redempto-Historical Spheres tremble, because I integrate faith and learning with a vengeance"!

Disclaimer:  "Freshperson" and "Upperclassperson" are gender-neutral terms.  The grammatical rules used are positively un-American.  No Creational Norms were harmed in the making of this cartoon.

Here are the beginnings of what is yet to come in the life of the Integrator